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spacetornado Killer

Screenshot of spacetornado Killer just before ending 3 processes at the same time. Screenshot of spacetornado Killer just -after- ending 3 processes at the same time.

spacetornado Killer is a free Windows utility that allows you to end/kill multiple running Windows processes at once, with one click of a button. Hold down Ctrl and click to select one, two, three or any number of processes. Then simply click Kill Selected or hit F4 to end all the selected processes at once.

spacetornado Killer is useful in aiding in the removal of hard-to-remove spyware, adware, etc. ("malware"). Some malware programs utilize multiple running processes at once that monitor and ensure that its other processes are always running. When you attempt to end one process in Windows' built-in utility Task Manager, the other processes immediately detect this and automatically restart the killed process.

This utility is designed to complement Task Manager, not replace it. Click the links to the left to learn more about spacetornado Killer, and to download it for free.

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