Name That Earth Song!

Song #34

Guess the artist and title of the song clip above, then press Go!

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Can't Hear the Song Clip?
If you can't play the song clip or it doesn't load correctly, you can download Quicktime from Apple for free. It will install a plugin for your web browser that will allow you to play this and other audio content on websites.

- "The" is optional for the artist field (so "Beatles" and "The Beatles" are the same).
- Don't use abbreviations (eg. "Credence Clearwater Revival" instead of "CCR").
- However, if the artist is known only as an acronym (such as REM), don't use periods (R.E.M.).
- The answers are not case sensitive ("sting" and "STING" and "Sting" are all the same).
- If the song title is sometimes shown with a part in parentheses (for example Beastie Boys' "Fight for Your Right (to Party)"), don't include the part in parentheses (so it would just be "Fight for Your Right").
- If you think you know the artist or song but aren't sure of the spelling, it's not considered cheating to look it up! But it is considered cheating to look at the source code, then find and listen to the answer clip!

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