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(v1.6 for Windows 2000 through 10)

Do It Again
simple task automation software

Do It Again is a free and simple program that allows you to make your computer automatically perform a task for you, whenever you want.

If there is something that you do on your computer over and over, and you do it exactly the same way every time, you can tell Do It Again how to perform that task, by doing it once yourself to create the new task. Then you can run that task whenever you want and Do It Again will automatically click the buttons and press the keyboard keys the same way as when you created the task, while you sit back and watch the task being performed on the screen.

This is also called macro or automation software; it allows you to record a macro, then play it back to automate the actions of that macro. Do It Again supports simple text-based editing of task files (they are saved as .dia files in the folder in which Do It Again is installed; simply open them up and the code will be self-explanatory). Do It Again also offers several other features to control the playback of tasks. Just download, install it and check out the Options / QuickHelp / Help menus for more information on all the features.

Click the Download link to the left to get Do It Again for free (note: there is no license/warranty/liability -- all the tiny print is in there when you click Next..Next..Finish!) or click Help if you have a problem or question.

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Many thanks go to Henrik Anfelt of Sweden for extensively testing and suggesting new features for Do It Again during its development and v1.1-1.5 stages. Without his contributions Do It Again would definitely have fewer features and more bugs.

If you find Do It Again useful and would like to show your appreciation, please feel free to donate via PayPal:

User Testimonials

"Just tried your program on, what I think, is a fairly complex bunch of steps. DIA worked flawlessly within 4 minutes of my first introduction to this awesome application. Sent you a token donation (hey, I'm struggling here) as this will save me a bunch of time." -Tom
"Hi Tony, Greetings from Canada. Thanks very much for your great Do It Again app, which just helped me solve a very annoying problem. At home, I use my laptop with an external display. I upgraded to Windows 7, and found that whenever I resumed from Sleep mode, Windows ignored my video settings and switched back to the laptop's internal display. I used Do It Again to create a script that selected the external display, then added it to Windows' Task Scheduler so that it ran "on workstation unlock" (logging back on after Sleep mode). It works great! This is quite an annoying bug in Windows 7... Unfortunately, this solution with DIA is probably beyond many less-technical users. Maybe MS will fix it in Win 7 SP1. But DIA sure helped me, so thanks again...." -Andy F. Richmond, BC, Canada
"Hi, I have downloaded Do It Again and it's an amazing program. Thank you very much!" -Devin R.
"Hello! I am a very satisfied user of your software do it again. ... Very very thanks for your attention, for your software, and sorry for my poor english, i am learning it..." -Clayton S.

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